BOUTIQUE BACKDROPS - Flower Walls For Hire

Finding the perfect photo backdrop...

Getting engaged is pretty exciting. Once the rock was firmly on my finger, I prepared myself for the onslaught of wedding blogs, Pinterest boards, magazines and #inspo that would undoubtedly take over my brain.

My fiance and I got engaged during a six-week trip overseas, so the first priority on our return was to celebrate the news with family and friends at our engagement party. With most of our family coming from out of town, it was the perfect chance to get some nice photos with everyone in the same place.

We knew that we wanted:

  • A gorgeous spot to take photos,
  • Something fun and interactive to keep guests happy,
  • A talking point!

My bridesmaid Lauren and I decided to borrow some cameras and create a makeshift photo booth using a flower wall backdrop on loan from a local designer. However, a week before the party, it suddenly became unavailable.

Devastated, we immediately began searching for alternative options. After scouring the internet for living walls, flower walls, and garden props, we found... nothing. It was either pricey custom flower walls from florists, permanent living wall installations for the corporate world, or cheap fabric backdrops from costume hire sites.

None of these really suited the vibe we were after OR the limited budget we were working with. So - we decided to create our own. After sourcing an incredible amount of high quality silk flowers, we spent the weekend assembling our very first flower wall.

Boutique Backdrops Garden Wall 01

It's safe to say our Garden Wall was a hit! All of our guests were so impressed - even more so when they found out we had made it ourselves. We had our talking point.

Everyone jumped at the chance to get their pic taken in front of it.

As the pics were posted, word spread fast. With so many enquiries, we realised we had found a niche - and that's when Boutique Backdrops officially opened for business.

I'm beyond thrilled to offer a high quality, yet affordable solution for fellow brides-to-be who are facing the same situation. If you need a backdrop for your engagement party, make sure to get in touch!