BOUTIQUE BACKDROPS - Flower Walls For Hire

Boutique Backdrops at Pukeoware Hall

Summer is always the most popular season for weddings, but February in New Zealand was absolutely teeming! After the soft launch of Boutique Backdrops, we managed a nice little break - but when Waitangi weekend rolled around, it was all on.

I personally knew of three couples who were getting married over the long weekend - four if you count our clients Katie and Tim, who had chosen a cute little spot in the countryside for their wedding - Pukeoware Hall in Waiuku.

A country hall is such a great choice for a wedding. It's like having a blank canvas. The basics are already there, but you have the freedom to completely transform the space. Sometimes the thought of that can be overwhelming, so our flower walls are a good place to start - all you need is a focal point, and the rest can flow from there.

In this case, the focal point was the bride and groom! Katie had requested our White Wall, which is extendable up to 5 metres and was perfect for putting behind the bridal party table. We finished off the look with drapes to give it some polish.

With so many of our events taking place in the countryside, it's made for some lovely scenic driving. The journey back from Waiuku was extremely pleasant - in fact, we were so inspired by the natural flora and fauna, we had to stop for a couple of photo opportunities to document some ideas. Watch this space...