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Boutique Backdrops at Thievery Studio

We were recently asked to provide a flower wall for a PR event with Maybelline NZ and Miss FQ. Bloggers, make-up artists, and entrepeneurs got to spend a day getting made over, taking part in a shoot, followed by cupcakes and champagne - sounds like our kind of event!

With its all-white interiors and gorgeous natural light, Thievery Studio officially became our new favourite spot for the White Wall.

Check it out here:

Boutique Backdrops at Pukeoware Hall

Summer is always the most popular season for weddings, but February in New Zealand was absolutely teeming! After the soft launch of Boutique Backdrops, we managed a nice little break - but when Waitangi weekend rolled around, it was all on.

I personally knew of three couples who were getting married over the long weekend - four if you count our clients Katie and Tim, who had chosen a cute little spot in the countryside for their wedding - Pukeoware Hall in Waiuku.

A country hall is such a great choice for a wedding. It's like having a blank canvas. The basics are already there, but you have the freedom to completely transform the space. Sometimes the thought of that can be overwhelming, so our flower walls are a good place to start - all you need is a focal point, and the rest can flow from there.

In this case, the focal point was the bride and groom! Katie had requested our White Wall, which is extendable up to 5 metres and was perfect for putting behind the bridal party table. We finished off the look with drapes to give it some polish.

With so many of our events taking place in the countryside, it's made for some lovely scenic driving. The journey back from Waiuku was extremely pleasant - in fact, we were so inspired by the natural flora and fauna, we had to stop for a couple of photo opportunities to document some ideas. Watch this space...

Boutique Backdrops at Hopetoun Alpha

Not long after our Garden Wall's debut at an engagement party, we were asked to take the next big step and cover our first wedding.

Of course we said yes!

The ceremony would be taking place at an inner city courtyard, with the reception at Hopetoun Alpha. The date was set. The venue was divine.


We were very excited to display our Garden Wall inside such a majestic building. To that end, the wall had to be perfect. This was our first proper client, after all. We stayed up late the night before, making sure every leaf was precisely in place. 

The setup inside was stunning. Fairy lights twinkled from the railings; columns glinted with gold. Immediately, our eyes gazed upwards - the ceiling is magnificent - then slowly trailed down towards the table settings. We adored the simple, elegant centrepieces from Rose Tinted Flowers. After pausing to take it all in, it was time to add our Garden Wall into the mix!

With all this finery in the centre, the walls around the outside needed a little love. Niamh, our bride, had requested a floral backdrop to dress up a bare section of the wall, which ended up being a perfect spot for the cake table.


Everything was set up. After pausing again to take in the magic, we finally headed back to the car. On the way, we couldn't help but be drawn into this particular scene:

It was the living, breathing inspiration that drew us in: ivy-covered brick walls, bursting with greenery. It wasn't until I had taken this picture that we noticed the chairs set up for Niamh and Ryan's ceremony! What a gorgeous spot for an urban wedding, and an honour to be part of it.

Finding the perfect photo backdrop...

Getting engaged is pretty exciting. Once the rock was firmly on my finger, I prepared myself for the onslaught of wedding blogs, Pinterest boards, magazines and #inspo that would undoubtedly take over my brain.

My fiance and I got engaged during a six-week trip overseas, so the first priority on our return was to celebrate the news with family and friends at our engagement party. With most of our family coming from out of town, it was the perfect chance to get some nice photos with everyone in the same place.

We knew that we wanted:

  • A gorgeous spot to take photos,
  • Something fun and interactive to keep guests happy,
  • A talking point!

My bridesmaid Lauren and I decided to borrow some cameras and create a makeshift photo booth using a flower wall backdrop on loan from a local designer. However, a week before the party, it suddenly became unavailable.

Devastated, we immediately began searching for alternative options. After scouring the internet for living walls, flower walls, and garden props, we found... nothing. It was either pricey custom flower walls from florists, permanent living wall installations for the corporate world, or cheap fabric backdrops from costume hire sites.

None of these really suited the vibe we were after OR the limited budget we were working with. So - we decided to create our own. After sourcing an incredible amount of high quality silk flowers, we spent the weekend assembling our very first flower wall.

Boutique Backdrops Garden Wall 01

It's safe to say our Garden Wall was a hit! All of our guests were so impressed - even more so when they found out we had made it ourselves. We had our talking point.

Everyone jumped at the chance to get their pic taken in front of it.

As the pics were posted, word spread fast. With so many enquiries, we realised we had found a niche - and that's when Boutique Backdrops officially opened for business.

I'm beyond thrilled to offer a high quality, yet affordable solution for fellow brides-to-be who are facing the same situation. If you need a backdrop for your engagement party, make sure to get in touch!